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featuring the interdisciplinary services of Doris Plantus

                                      freelance writer | translator | creative artist | musician | critical thinker | scholar


                                      writing | creative, literary, academic, personal, business, screenwriting, ghostwriting, speeches 

                                     consultation | conceptualize, develop, and plan personal and professional objectives

                                     tutoring and mentoring | interdisciplinary method and critical thinking                                    

                                     research | search and analysis of material, literary summaries, reviews, opinion

                                      ideation | generation and development of ideas

                                      original art | mixed media, folk art, iconography, crafts, unique gifts 

about me:

I am a published bilingual writer and translator, specializing in English and Romanian languages. My own work involves short story, novella, verse, novel, screenplay, and scholarly papers. Translations include Romanian  literature, and English stylization of various translations.

I hold a Ph.D. in English and teach a variety of courses at Oakland University in Modern Literature, Bible as Literature, Screenwriting, Translation and Adaption, World Literature, and Fiction. I received the Excellence in Teaching Award from Oakland University in 2012.

As a creative artist I work in several mediums, including sculpture, iconography, folk art, and painting. I offer original items for sale, but also accept commissions for a variety of projects.

Additional areas of expertise include music and Romanian folk dance. I am a composer and choreographer, and founder of Țărăncuța Romanian Folk Dance and Music Ensemble.

Contact me at plantus@bucovinamica.net for more information on my background and services. 

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sculpture and painting

sihastrul's journal

                                                                                              Sihastrul front cover

artists and writers in arms:
lidia vianu, editor, contemporary literature press
amy nielander illustrator and designer

The new novella Sihastrul is being released this Fall, 2014 by

Lilac Press. For more information on The Hermit, follow this link:


or on face book at: An apocryphal tale of the Hermit